Thursday, April 27, 2017

March in Portland

Wow, I wrote this and, now it's not even March. Oops.
Blue frosting tongue

Slumber party cookies

Scarlett sewed this hat
I ran a race, then I drank a coke and a milkshake with these fine humans

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Last Weds was Scarlett's last day of her after-school acting class.  So far, she loves this class, she wishes it was every day.  She had her lines memorized a week in.  The play was Curious George- Scarlett was the man with the yellow hat, scene 1.

In the days and hours leading up to it, Scarlett said she just wanted to wind time forward so it'd be time for the play (!)

Afterwards she said- it went by so fast, it was a dream.  So now, she's signed up for the next round, and is bummed that she's got 3 weeks of downtime before class starts.  I said, write your own play in the meantime. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Age 7

Dear Scarlett,

Your seventh birthday was a success on all accounts.  You woke up a little early and yelled MAMA.  The night before, you asked 'what will my first word be when I'm seven?'

For school, you colored your hair with pink and green hair chalk, and wore a brand new black & purple dress that daddy bought the night before.  You seem so big. In fact, you are 55 pounds and 49 inches, which the doctor says is the exact height and weight of the average 8 year old.  We offered to let you skip age 7 for this reason, but you are excited about 7.

For the first time, I had lunch with you at school.  On past birthdays I've asked, and you always said no, you want to have lunch with your friends.  But this year, you were excited for me to have lunch with you, and I was very happy. Then your class hosted a Special Friends Day celebration- a party where you all made smoothies and popcorn. Aunt Sally came to that, and you told daddy and I explicitly that you are not hosting us, you are hosting Aunt Sally. 

Dinner was sushi, ordered-in so you could play with your cousins while we waited, and an ice cream cake. 

We had a party with your cousins and family friends, and another with your school friends.  Both parties had a lot of balloons, and some crafts, and cookie decorating.  

Gifts (because you always ask, years later, what you got for past birthdays)
Headphones- which you asked for every time someone asked what you want.  I said- do not ask everyone for headphones or you'll get 5 pair!  You said Mama, I know you already bought me headphones.  It's true that I did.
Lap desk- which we envisioned you using to write or draw on car trips, or while sitting on the couch or your bed.  So far, it's been used for you to draw pictures while going potty.  You said "this was a good gift!"

We are so proud to be your parents.  I love you tremendously.

Monday, January 23, 2017

In Scarlett's America

Dear Scarlett,
On Inauguration day, you came home from school with this art project.  You'd watched the event, and talked about it class, and your class made flags to explain how each of your Americas would be.  Yours says:

"Fight for equal rights
No matter who you are
No matter where you're from
and no mater what color you are
treat each other equally"

You are my favorite kind of person.  I am so proud to be your mother!

Women's March

On the day of the inauguration, Scarlett said she heard about this march and she wanted to go.  Some friends were going, and they'd talked about it at school.  I have never been to a march or a protest of any kind, but I'm supportive of this cause and I was so proud of her.  It rained.  She wanted to chant, so we tried out a few things.  We made signs. I only wish this didn't feel necessary.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow day # 6

We're on our 6th day of missed school (not in a row) because of the weather.  It's been mostly ice related, and some snow, but today it's MASSIVE SNOW.  7 inches so far, and more is flowing.  Scarlett said (with tears, because we wouldn't let her outside at 7:15am) that this snow is like CHICAGO snow.