Sunday, December 17, 2017

Questions Scarlett asked us today

1. What's that? (points at nativity scene)
Us: It's the story of Christmas, Jesus in a manger etc etc.

2. What's the story of Christmas?
Us: Explain (she's like yes, maybe I've heard this before). I say, I think Jesus was a hippy, all about peace and love and helping other people.

3. What's cannabis? (she reads the sign as we walk by the pot shop)

4. What's a hippy?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Also, we went on vacation

This post is over 2 months old.  But, vacation is THE BEST.  It's been a while since I disconnected fully from work for so long.  We were away from home almost two weeks.

We hit up Walla Walla for my family vacation for the weekend, then Yellowstone which we loved, then Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands, Devil's Tower, then so much of South Dakota and Nebraska until we finally arrived in Illinois at our final destination, 6 days later.

There were some hotel pools and days of driving in between all that too, and a visit with my brother in his new home in Lincoln.  

We have a million pictures, here are some of them.

We rented a sweet SUV, Scarlett named her Cherry.

Yellowstone IS AMAZING.  We only had one day and really wished for more.  We need to go back.  This is the Grand Prysmatic Spring, and one tired girl.  After this, we had ice cream.

 Buffalo traffic jam
 Devil's Tower
The Badlands, which also deserve more time than we gave them.

My sweetheart nephew...

 More family- this is Aunt Nettie in Macomb IL
 We hit up the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago and ate some deep dish pizza

Saturday, August 12, 2017


This morning, Scarlett and I did a bubble-filled 5K with her buddy Jude.  It was messy and really fun.  At the end, our shoes were soaked through, and Scarlett insisted she would never ever wash the shirt, ever. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Harry Potter Camp

Today for camp, Scarlett had to take a broom, because they're going on a field trip to play Quidditch. 

Last night we finally started reading HP Book 7.  We took a LONG break after book 6 because of the sad events that took place within. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Donut Dash

Scarlett and Charlie ran a fun 3k with obstacles this weekend.  I took pictures only.  It was like 90 degrees.  Scarlett was really excited beforehand, as were we.  She and I ran a mile together last weekend, with some walk breaks.  Here they are, before the race:

They ran the 3k and I met them towards the end:
Then, there were little obstacles, like cornhole, hula hooping, and this walk through a giant hairbrush outside the beauty salon.
Afterwards, Scarlett said she was very proud of herself.  She was also tired, and hot, so we didn't wait in line for our free donuts.  We got a gift certificate to enjoy them on another day and, bought some donuts on the way home.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Scarlett has been sewing some cool stuff lately.  There is fabric EVERYWHERE.  Also thread, half-created fabric projects, and tiny pillows.  We have a strict process in place to make sure no needles or pins end up on the floor, because I do not mind a constructive mess but I don't want to step on a sharp thing.

Pillow case turned into a romper with giraffe art on the front.  She wore this to school, to major applause, and as I type this I'm thinking wow, we are lucky she goes to the type of school where this is welcomed.